Why men suffer from semen related problems?

Mar 15 2018 07:10 PM
Why men suffer from semen related problems?

As a result of many studies, the causes of semen problem in men have been detected because of their habit. According to researchers, it has been found that the men who are more sensitive about snooping and spying in their partner's life or girlfriend's life, as well as they are jealous of their friends are more prone to the risk of seminal problems.
The research found that men who spy on many things related to their partner's work or phone or prevent them from meeting other men, they are likely to have problems with low semen (slowing of semen).
According to the researcher, "Men with weak semen are very scared of competition, so they are more passionate about their partner."
It was also found that men with weak semen mostly bring expensive things or gifts for their partners so that they would be mentally thankful to them and will never leave them alone. The deep connection between semen and virginity, in the research, revealed that the men who get often jealous of things with their partners are likely to have this problem.

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