These are 6 controversial female Hollywood actresses

May 30 2020 06:23 PM
These are 6 controversial female Hollywood actresses

Today we are going to tell you about Hollywood's Top 6 Controversial Female Celebrities.

1. Kim Kardashian - Who does not know Kim, she won everyone's heart in Hollywood with her sexy acts. People love Kim fiercely and Kim is famous for her sexy style. Kim came into the discussion when her sex tape was leaked. During that time Kim had bought her sex tape herself so that it would not leak.

2. Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera: All three actresses have been in discussions due to their attitude, affairs, sex tapes and personal life. All three of them have been in the headlines due to their sex tape. During a song, the trio had lip-locked since then the discussion about the three had increased. All three have been part of the discussions due to wrong reasons.

3. Paris Hilton: Who doesn't know Perry Hilton, she was in the news for her great photoshoots. Paris Hilton is an American successor, socialite, television personality, businessman, fashion designer, model, actress, producer, DJ, writer and singer. Paris came into the discussions about her sex tape. This sex tape was leaked just before the premiere episode of her reality show. She made a lot of headlines about it. 

4. Miley Cyrus - Miley Cyrus is also a very controversial actress and many of the controversies related to her have been shocking. Miley came into the discussion at that time. When she did a pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards, everyone was shocked. During that time she had asked for a penis-shaped cake for fiancée Liam Hemsworth and even then there was fierce controversy.

5. Madonna - Madonna is also no less talked about in Hollywood. Madonna came into the limelight when she had a song. Her song Like a Virgin was a little too bold to accept those who were not ready to talk about pre-marital sex.

6. Angelina Jolie - There was news about Angelina Jolie that she is gay. She came into the discussion when she was also associated with ex-boyfriend Jenny Shimizu after a breakup. Jenny Shimizu claimed at the time that Jolie had a collection of knives that she loved to use in the bedroom. There were also reports that Angelina Jolie is a sex addict.