These are the amazing benefits of shower sex

Dec 26 2020 06:06 PM
These are the amazing benefits of shower sex

Couple uses different places to add exitment to the sex. Bedroom, Balcony, roof, kichen are few favruoite places for the couples. Having sex in the bedroom has now become really very common.But trying a new sex location can be really exciting. It can offer extra and different sensation to you and your sex routine. 

Shower sex is one of those things that sounds a lot sexier. But there are ways to do it so it's exciting and pleasurable. It even leaves you feeling more bonded to your partner. You both take shower every morning anyway so try to make it a mutual bath.

Shower sex helps improve blood flow, and a blood flow boost makes skin more sensitive. With this in mind, shower sex can enhance sexual sensation and make you extra flexible. Considering this it can be tricky to find a sex position you're both comfy in.

Probably every couple has tried classic positions in bed, but have you tried it in the shower? This is a perfect position for deep penetration and safe intercource because it prevents you from slipping and falling, letting you enjoy your shower to the fullest. 

Shower sex is romantic, exciting, and naughty, but it can be dangerous if you go too far and try out extreme positions. If you are planning on making it a habit, make sure you add a little bit of security to it. 

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