Therapy to boost your sex life quickly

Mar 13 2018 07:07 PM
Therapy to boost your sex life quickly

A research has found that excessive intake of food can reduce the sex hormones in women. Nowadays, the problem of falling sex hormone levels in women is increasing rapidly. According to reports, sex hormones have been discovered in a very easy way from a nitrogen therapy in women.
So let us now understand, how to overcome the lack of sex hormones, and what information has been given to researchers about this topic.

Researchers believe that this hormone can be treated by eating more in less time.

According to the research, one out of 10 women and one out of 20 men suffers from this problem. This research, published by the Clinical Investigating General, was done by Dr Yoga Joo of Texas Children's Hospital and the Balear College of Medicine, the doctor found that there is a deep connection between estrogen and more food.

When estrogen was high then the quantity of food was reduced because it is been observed that the woman often eat more. Their menstruation is also irregular. Joo also added that before taking the therapy it is important to keep a check on the estrogen level, as more levels of estrogen can also cause the risk of breast cancer.