Video: Sherlyn Chopra shares rap song 'Hawas se na dekh mujheko'

May 09 2020 12:30 PM
Video: Sherlyn Chopra shares rap song 'Hawas se na dekh mujheko'

Sherlyn Chopra, who has worked in many Bollywood films, has recently shared a video which is becoming increasingly viral. In this video which has surfaced this time, she is seen rapping and in the caption she wrote Rap written & composed by: @sherlynchopraContent copyright owner: @sherlynchopra I did not know when I took the first step in the Hindi film industry. That "dinner" is offered here on request from director and producer .. What is the second meaning of "dinner", it is not taught in any coaching center .. So, take some time to understand. .. and when it was understood, I decided that I would become a content creator so that I would not have to ask a producer or director for a job. silence is not # consent # enough is #enough





Actually, she has made this video for the people who had proposed to her to have a physical relationship after coming to the industry. Sherlyn has told that, 'Initially, when I was nothing in the eyes of the world, I approached the filmmakers to see my potential, which I see in myself. I used to go to them with my portfolio and one day they said to me 'Ok, okay, let's meet at dinner,' so I asked when I should come for dinner, then she would come at 11 or 12 at night. Started asking for With this, Sherlyn Chopra further said, 'Dinner meant compromise for those people. When this happened four to five times, then I understood what the real meaning of dinner is. Dinner in the film industry means come to me baby.

Further, Sherlyn herself told, 'After knowing the intentions of the filmmakers, I started refusing that I have no interest in their films. After this I decided that I do not want to have dinner at all. Then whoever used to talk to me with that code word, I used to say, 'I don't have dinner, my diet is going on. You call us at breakfast. Call for lunch And after that he never had any answer.

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