Safe sexting: how to send intimate photos, then not to regret

May 04 2019 09:30 PM
Safe sexting: how to send intimate photos, then not to regret

Sexting is a common element of modern flirting, exchange of frivolous messages and intimate photos. And if the text messages are relatively safe, then the images of your naked body can cause a lot of trouble when leaked to the Web.

Fully making the process of sharing photos safe will not work, but there are ways to reduce the risk that candid photos will be available to a wide audience.

1. Do not send photos with face

If you can see both the face and the genitals or the chest in the same photo, this is a bad choice for sexting . The addressee may want to get everything at once. But here it is better for you to crop the picture so that the selected body parts remain on it. Alternatively, use masks (lace is better than Donald Duck masks, although lovers will surely be in both versions).

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This rule applies not only to the face, but also to the so-called special signs: unusual moles, tattoos, and so on.

2. Watch the background

Choose the most neutral backdrop or, conversely, stylize a photo corner for shooting. Otherwise, the design repair of your apartment, which has circled all the interior magazines of the city, will give you away. Even if you hid your face safely.

3. Does the nude

For effective sexting, it is not necessary to photograph the genitals in close-up. If you add a bit more artistry to the image and reduce the open body area, it will not be so scary that the photos will float to the Web.

4. Delete photos after sending

Imagine that you show your mother an image, leaf through a photo from a walk, from a vacation, without panties, again from a walk. It will be unpleasant and uncomfortable. Do not upload them to the cloud. The chances that hackers will break into your account is small, if you are not Amanda Seyfred. But you can catch on a tangent.

And it is definitely not necessary to store intimate photos on your work computer, much less upload them to the company's public server. And before you resent that no one does this, talk to familiar system administrators: they will have naughty stories for you.

5. Avoid drunk sexting.

Alcohol makes people bolder, so there is a great risk of daring that you would never be sober. For example, decide to exchange intimate photos with a stranger, send a dick instead of “hello” to a dream girl, or break all the rules of safe sexing at once.

And also, when you are a joke , it’s easy to make a mistake with the addressee or send out candid images to the entire contact list. In short, the risks more than joy.

6. Use secret chats.

Some services offer the ability to send messages that are automatically deleted after viewing. For example, secret chats are in Telegram or Snapchat. But remember that they do not guarantee you absolute security. In the end, the other person can always take a screen shot.

7. Don't forget about connected devices.

While you are sending intimate photos from the iPhone, somewhere, it jingle with iPad notifications. Not the fact that he does not attract the attention of someone who was not supposed to learn about intimate correspondence.

8. Before sending a photo, think about why.

When you are driven by a burning desire to send intimate photos - this is one thing. But if the interlocutor frantically requests, demands, implore such pictures without prior communication, soberly assess how this may turn out for you.

There are entire interest groups that seek intimate photographs in order to upload them to the city public or special groups of haters. Perhaps the person decided to blackmail you. In a word, before taking pictures of the ass, turn on your head.

9. Be prepared for anything.

This advice might sound like “send photos only to those you trust.” But people are changing, and the person in whom you were sure yesterday could have spammed your photos all over the list of contacts to get revenge tomorrow. Therefore, when sending intimate pictures, remember that sooner or later they can become public.

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