Men love boobs of this size

Dec 29 2020 05:59 PM
Men love boobs of this size

 Women’s breasts provide both sustenance for babies and occasional awe for guys who love looking at boobs.  There’s some evidence that staring at boobs may increase a man’s longevity. An earlier study found that positive thinking had a positive effect on long-term health choices, particularly when it came to taking blood pressure medication.

While some guys might love and be turned on by staring at big boobs, most prefer breasts that are average size. 

Every person has different needs according to each woman. Many men like big breasts, so one lives in small breasts. There are also many people who like orange shaped (medium size) breasts. Studies suggest that most men are attracted to breasts that maintain a C average. Men like the breast size of 32,34,36 more as compared to other sizes.

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