Lose weight while having sex with partner by adopting these positions

May 09 2019 04:35 PM
Lose weight while having sex with partner by adopting these positions

In a deep research study it has been found that your sex moves can help you lose belly fat. A 25-minute session on bed can help a woman weighing 68 kg, burn 88 calories while a man with the body weight of 82kg, can burn 106 calories in the same time. Having sex also increases your oxytocin levels (bonding hormones), which in turn triggers weight loss. Now that you are aware of the weight-loss benefits of having sex, knowing a bit about the poses that help you burn maximum calories will keep you a step ahead in the game. Here are six poses that you can try.

The wheelbarrow Pose

In this position, a woman needs to place her palms on the floor and let her male partner lift her lower body from the thighs. This pose involves the leg muscles and arms. A 25-30 minutes session can help women burn 126 calories while men can burn 199 calories in the same time.

Doggystyle Pose

It is one of the most popular poses among both the genders. For women, a 20-minute session in this pose can reduce 80 calories, while men can burn 120 calories in the same time. In this pose, your female partner will sit with her knees and her palms on the bed/floor and you will get into the act from behind. This sex pose works on a woman’s quadriceps and glutes while men get a workout on their quads and core muscles.

Standing Pose

Though it’s a bit difficult to have sex in this position, but this pose is a massive calorie burner. In this position, both the partners stand straight, and the female partner wraps her legs around the male partner’s waist. It works wonders for the legs and bottom muscles. Also, this pose can help men build their core muscles because here, they are required to lift their partner. It is one of the most difficult poses and hence when you try it, you are more likely to sweat a lot, leading to significant calorie burn. On an average, a woman can burn around 100-150 calories while men can burn more than 500 calories while having sex in standing pose (numbers may vary depending on the duration of your session).

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Cowgirl Pose

If the standing pose gives men all the control, this pose puts women in command. It is also known as ‘women on top’ pose where a man lies flat on his back and the woman sits on top of her partner. In this pose, the female partner can decide for how long she wants to continue. Here, your calf and pelvic muscles are engaged along with the glutes. Working on your lower abs, this position is great for your stamina. Since a woman is in control in this pose, she can burn up to 220 calories in a single session while her male partner will burn around 40 calories (varying according to the length of the session).

Lotus Pose

This pose is quite similar to the missionary pose. Both involve the same set of muscles (core and glutes). It is an intimate position as you and your partner face each other during the entire session. Here, the guy sits on the bed and his partner sits on his crotch.  As you engage yourself in this pleasurable position, you burn quite a bit of calories while getting a full torso workout. A woman can burn 100 calories in a session while for men the number comes down to 40 while having sex in this position.

Missionary Pose

This is another pose that works wonders for your core muscles. As opposed to the cowgirl pose, missionary posture puts the men in charge. In this position, your female partner will lie down on her back and you will be on top of her. This is the most popular and common sex position. While it may not seem as adventurous as other poses, you can still burn a lot of calories because your inner thighs and core muscles are engaged. While having sex in missionary pose, the female partner can also get a good butt workout. She can burn 40 calories in this position, whereas you can reduce 100 calories in a single session. However, the results may differ depending on how much time you were involved in the act.

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