Sex workers' offering online sex due to coronavirus infection

Jun 30 2020 10:14 AM
Sex workers' offering online sex due to coronavirus infection

Even though the lockdown has been lifted, the fear of coronavirus is not over. Even now, the life of the people is passing under the shadow of fear of this virus. Many people are still imprisoned in their homes and are not going to crowded places. During this time the financial situation of many people has deteriorated. Sex workers have been involved in this. Sex workers are also facing economic problems due to fear of Corona, but in the meantime, they have found a new way. They will also be able to earn and will not be a victim of Coronavirus.

The way circles have been made in the shops after lockdown, everyone has started keeping sanitizer, and all have figured out a new way of doing their work, just like sex workers have also figured out a new way. Now sex workers talk to the client on video chat and send their photos according to the demand of the client. There are different ways to seduce, dance without physical contact and there are new ways of working for sex workers. Apart from this, sex workers are also taking payments online.

Kolkata- Sonagachi is considered the area of sex workers in the red light area of Kolkata. The life of the sex workers living there has become very bad during the lockdown. The government also did not help them in the lockdown and the clients are also not coming. In such a situation, sex workers resorted to the phone for their survival.

Regarding working through the phone, the sex workers say that the lockdown had a variety of requests from her clients, which included seeing them nude. Not only this but during this time there were also such sex workers, who had to do these things secretly from their families. In the lockdown, many sex workers have secretly talked to their clients in their home. In Pune's Red Light area, where sex workers used to chat with their friends in their free time, they are now talking to clients on the phone.

Phone sex- There are many sex workers who are currently living with phone sex. They get money online for phone sex. Sex workers charge 500 rupees for a video call which lasts for about 30 minutes. Bishakha Laskar, chairman of the Darbar Mahila Samiti Committee (DMSC), says, "Everyone is afraid of the infection. In the street, there live 130 girls. In this, about 95% are now offering phone sex to customers.

Regardless of the way, but sex workers have also found a new way to live. The sex workers who did not need a phone, learned how to survive using the phone in this lockdown. It is said that a person takes some way out for his survival, something similar has happened with these sex workers too. In this lockdown, sex workers were taught to use the phone, which can be useful for them in their future. During this time, they learned to talk about sex and stripping, which has become a new way of earning for them.