Things to keep in mind while using condoms

Jul 20 2020 02:00 PM
Things to keep in mind while using condoms

In today's time, couples are very excited to have sex. Many times unprotected sex is done. In this case, condoms are considered the most reliable way to avoid this. It is said that condoms are more useful, whether to avoid the risk of sexually transmitted diseases or from unwanted pregnancy. Condoms are widely used today, but how to wear condoms? What is the correct way? This is a big question. In addition, what are the common mistakes with condom use? Now today we are going to tell you about it.

Opening a packet of condoms with teeth - If you open a packet of condoms with your teeth or nails, it is not right. By opening the packet of condom with your teeth or nails, it can damage the condom.

Check Before Use- Always check condom before using it. Sometimes the condom is torn before using it. If so, do not use that condom.

Condom use after sexual activity begins - There are many people who use condoms in between sexual activities which is wrong. By doing this, both of you may be at risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Using a condom a second time - Many times men use the same condom twice but do not make such a mistake. Condom once used should not be used a second time.

Check the expiry date:  If you have purchased an entire packet of condoms and have not used them, or have used one or two of them and have kept the rest. In such a situation, you are going to use it after several days, so without checking its expiry date, do not use it.