Keep these things special while you become a mother, or else you will also be a shemale..."

Jun 20 2019 06:45 PM
Keep these things special while you become a mother, or else you will also be a shemale...

In the case of a shemale, the shemale is very rarely born. So today we're going to tell you how the shemale is born. However, it is said that the eunuchs are also born in common homes and then the child born as a shemale is handed over to the shemale by her parents or the shemale herself takes her and nurtures it. It is said that for some reason the baby in the womb takes the form of a boy or a girl and the sex of the baby is determined during the first three months of pregnancy and only during this period there is some injury. Toxic food or hormonal problems cause the child to have organs and properties of both sexes rather than men.

Therefore, 3 months of the onset of pregnancy are very noticeable. Let's know how sex determination occurs. It is said that in mankind, the number of chromosomes is 46 with 44 autozoms, while the remaining two are chromosomes and the same two sex chromosomes determine the sex. In this case, the XY and the woman have XX chromosomes, and when the baby comes into the womb, the same two sex chromosomes are XY, the baby is born, whereas when the child is born, the girl is born when the child is born. In addition to XY and XX chromosomes, sometimes children with XXX, YY, OX chromosomal disorders are also born shemales and have both male and female qualities.

At the same time, it is said that if the baby is in the mother's womb at 3 months after the beginning of pregnancy, there are some reasons why the chromosome number or the shapes of the chromosome change, which causes the shemale to be born. At the same time, it is also said that during the 3 months of pregnancy, a shemale is born if an accident or injury causes damage to the baby's organ.