Sex workers starts this unique work for their livelihood, Know here

Jul 01 2020 09:59 AM
Sex workers starts this unique work for their livelihood, Know here

An image is generated in the mind as soon as we hear the name of the sex worker and we are all aware that there is only one means of earning for them and that is to fulfill the wishes of our clients. Sex workers earn their money by fulfilling their client's wishes. Due to the widespread corona epidemic, people's lives have been halted. People are imprisoned in their homes, but the lockdown has opened and people have started going to office. People still do not have the means for earning and many people have become unemployed. These include sex workers whose lives have also been affected by the corona, lockdown. Their life came to a standstill due to corona somewhere. Clients coming to her have stopped coming, now she is talking on the phone and is engaged in earning through e-sex. There are many sex workers who are currently resorting to e-sex. Meanwhile, sex workers have left their business and started another work. There are many brothels at this time where sex is not happening at this time because the clients are not coming. For this reason, women who earn money through sex on the brothel have no means of earning, but they are not disappointed by it. They have found a new way to earn their money which is also very unique.

Delhi GB Road - GB Road of Delhi is counted in the largest red light area in India. It extends from Ajmeri Gate to Lahori Gate and here sex workers are ahead in earning. There are brothels built here at the shabby buildings and shops where a lot of sex workers live. When the number of customers falling during the lockdown and corona epidemic fell drastically, there were many sex workers who have gone back to their homes but there were some sex workers who could not go to their homes. They have started making masks by going to NGOs.

There are 22 buildings on GB Road in Delhi and all these buildings have a total of 84 rooms. There is a number of each kotha here and all these kothas are located on the second and third floors. There are 10 to 15 sex workers in every cell here and there are 750 sex workers in total. There are many such sex workers here who wish that the process of making masks on their brothels also starts so that they too can benefit and earn it. Not only this but many sex workers have learned to make masks.

The rooms that once used the voice of Ghungroo
Today there sex workers are making masks

A new initiative, a new life - This one can be called an initiative because sex workers who always earn money through sex on the brothel are now making masks. It is completely different from her work but she is doing this work with great hard work. This is a new life for her which she is living at the moment. This is a positive aspect which can also make their life bright. It is also possible that they can continue to move in the same direction by doing such work.

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