Blanca Blanco Seen in Bathrobe

Jan 30 2018 10:52 AM
Blanca Blanco Seen in Bathrobe

From Bollywood to Hollywood there are many actresses who keep up the headlines about their bold look. Ever since its photo shoot, it keeps on winning the hearts of people with its hot taste. Recent Hollywood Actress Blanca has come into the news about her hot look.

Recently some of the most beautiful pictures of Blanca have surfaced, in which she is seen drinking tea standing in a balcony. Actually these photos got something to look like, which surprised everyone. Blanca appeared wearing a bathrobe in these photos. And her body was having nothing else than robe. If seen, these photos can not be called a semi-nude because she is clearly showing her private parts in these photos.

This sexy look of Blanca surprised everyone and set fire to the hearts. Apart from this, only her panties are seen in the body. The 37-year-old beauty left little to the imagination as she stepped outside on her balcony in underwear and an open coat before hitting the Sundance Film Festival, which was experiencing up to below zero Fahrenheit temperatures and up to 27 Fahrenheit. Her toned tummy took center stage as the sophisticated stunner rocked a pair of low cut geometric panties. The unfastened coat allowed a peek at her gorgeous gams as she wore nothing but a pair of winter boots. This actress is known for famous films like American Romance and Christmas.

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