6 Things women hate to do on sex night

Mar 14 2018 06:32 PM
6 Things women hate to do on sex night

Whenever the night comes, when men are going to have a sex, they get on their high spirits. Although this passion is good sometimes, but it can cause loose of consciousness and mood in your partner. It is not a good sign for a relationship.
The sexual relationship between a woman and a man is very special. You do not waste this special moment somewhere unnecessarily.
So today we will tell you some things that women don't like doing in the bed while sex.

1. Do not be hasty about anything. Women do not like to have sex immediately after going to bed. First talk a little, make a romantic romance, then do it.

2. Be gentle on the breast. Do not apply any kind of force. Let everything be smooth and gentle.

3. Do not have sex in such a way that this is the last sex of your life. Try not to look like a hungry wolf. Make them feel special.

4. Women are not sex toys who can turn or twist as you like. Before trying any sex position, check whether she is comfortable in that position or not.

5. Do not ever call for oral sex. If they do not like it then do not force.

6. Love bytes are good. But do not cut them too tightly or bite them in such a way that they get a deep mark or they have pain.

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