5 Things Men Should Know About Sex

Oct 29 2020 05:17 PM
5 Things Men Should Know About Sex

Sex is one of the most important needs of us. We should have the proper knowledge to enjoy it to the fullest. Dear men you think you have figured out how sex works; but honestly, a lot of you seem to be lacking knowledge in certain departments. Let's know about the things which one should keep in mind while having sex. 

1. Go Slow
Don't rush. On most ocassions, women take some time to get fully aroused. They have to be in the right mood and  for sex to happen, so wait for the right time.

2. Keep it Hygienic

Brush your teeth, shower properly, shave the place around your private parts. 

3. Keep your porn fantasies aside
There is big differnce between the sex we see in the porn videos and sex in real life. Porn is a visual medium, where often things are orchestrated, choreographed, and planned. You can't have the same expectations from your partner. 

4.  Oral sex 

There are many women enjoys oral sex. it is just as crucial as penetrative sex. You don't have to 'go in' every time to make it pleasurable for your partner.

5. Never forget foreplay
Foreplay is one of the most crucial part of sex. In some situations, it might work, and you have to figure that out; but mostly, go slow. Kiss her with intention, play around a bit, bite her neck - so on and so forth.