5 Laws to be considered before Sexting

Mar 16 2018 03:43 PM
5 Laws to be considered before Sexting

Secure sexting is now considered as essential as safe sex. Now you will think why?
So to begin with, your sex oriented texts to your bae can be copied and distributed across the cyber world and beyond. Needless to say, it can cause you great pressure and embarrassment. Sexting is a big part of every couple love life and studies show that one in five grown-ups, who, use smartphones, practises it.
But nowadays day and at this age, the importance of online security cannot be overemphasised.
So here are how you can possibly protect your privacy while sexting to your bae.

Trust your bae first
Don't begin sexting the minute you find someone you can relate to, wait until the first few dates. Take time before you start trusting him and then start sexting, after considering the pros and cons, of course.

Artfully concealing
Cyber experts say that it's sufficient not to show your face if you are thinking of sending your revealing snaps. There's no point in blurring too as there are online tools that can be used to edit photos. 

Remove personal details
If you want full anonymity, you need to stop your devices from giving away your location and other data. There's something called metadata that can be deleted from Windows and other systems.

Delete messages
You can send an erotic message and delete it quickly. But experts say that too is not reliable because no one can actually be stopped from taking a screenshot of your text or photo.

Risk of connected devices
Avoid sexting when your smartphone is connected to other devices. For instance, if your smartphone is connected to your tab, your messages can be seen in both devices.

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